Presentation of the agency

A dance agency

Delta Danse (formerly Le Trait d'Union) is a key booking and production agency, based in France and specialized in touring contemporary ballet companies throughout Europe.
Each of the companies represented has its own artistic identity. They offer a diversity of rich and unusual choreographic styles, combining classical and contemporary work.

Since its foundation, the agency has been committed to promoting high-quality contemporary ballet aimed for a large audience, while opening up to new styles. Lately, it has been focusing on developing their 2 new branches in Germany and Spain as well as exploring new markets in Asia and North America.

September 2021 marked an important turning point for the agency. “Le Trait d’Union” was often difficult to translate and to rembember out of French-speaking countries. Thus, we decided to change its identity into Delta Danse, to foster its international development in a harmonized way. With its new logo, Delta Danse keeps the same values and intentions of the initial name, but is now more understandable and visible internationally.


Delta Danse exists thanks to your trust, and we hope to keep it for a long time.

Thierry Duclos